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Your distribution website will look similar to mine, give or take a few personal items.

The Higher Good Alternatives "distribution" website is FREE to help people get started in a business servicing the needs of humanity doing missionary Life Work. However there is a start up fee to signing on with each product company as an independent distributor. From my products page, sign-up to each product company 1- Pet Protector, 2 - Life's Abundance, 3 - Young Living, 4 - T.J. Clark (affiliate program/optional), then enter your distributor (affiliate) ID#'s in the form below. 


DISTRIBUTION WEBSITE RULES: if you just want to get started with one or two companies that's okay; however all three product lines will still be promoted on your Higher Good Alternatives website as it a whole health care system for people and pets. Which ever company you "don't" sign up with today, your referring member will get credit for the sale to the company product line that you declined. You can always come back later and signup for the company(s) you declined. Example; if you sign up for Young Living only, then you will receive commissions on Young Living product sales only! -and your referring member will earn commissions for Pet Protector and Life's Abundance from your website until you sign up for them. We don't want to short-change the well-being of people and pets. Rule #2: you must sign-up under your Higher Good Alternative representative to qualify for this website (business package) offer. PLEASE NOTE: You do get a website from each product company individually, to see what they each look like go back to your HGA's Member's product page then click on the [Order Here] button to each, that is what your "individual" website will look like. This Higher Good Alternatives FREE distribution website is completely optional to help you do more with ease and grace.  —Website Moderator

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