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Our Mission: There is an evolutionary higher good global shift movement currently taking place in the world towards helping humanity improve the quality of life. Join Us in this wellness revolution!

The major problem with some remedies is the fact that it can actually be hazardous to your health!  In some cases the treatment is more dangerous than the initial problem. Health is a positive thing, but when trying to achieve health in a harmful way xxx with toxic chemicals, you are really not gaining in health “altogether”. Combining a (+) with a (-) is known as “duality” (help+harm). This creates a “null” effect like one step forward with one step backward. We believe health should be just that — PURE HEALTH in wholeness; thereby we provide solutions for those who seek a Higher Good outcome.


We’ve eliminated the top leading negative factors
in the welfare of people, pets, and planet.







Public Warning – Pet Food


Articles ………………………………………..

Commercial Pet Food Warning (intro)
API Report on Commercial Pet Food
The Truth About Commercial Pet Food
What’s Killing Our Pets
Dark Side Of Recycling – Rendering Plants
Food Not Fit For A Pet
Outcry Over Pets In Pet Food
Trace Metal Analysis of Pet Food
FDA Pet Food Recalls




Saying you love your family with giving them hazardous substances is a heart of “duality”.
Change begins with conscious wakefulness. Is your family receiving your love and care in wholeness?







Life’s Abundance Pet Food and Treats contain only wholesome ingredients that contribute towards the welfare of the pet whose standards for quality and nutrition exceeds the U.S. pet food industry standards.

Why Choose Life’s Abundance: Nutritious Vegetables and Fruits • 5 Friendly Bacteria • No Wheat/wheat gluten, No Corn/corn gluten, No artificial flavors and No artificial colors • Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Fish Meal • No Additives or Fillers • Farmed-Raised Catfish • High Quality Chicken Meal • Low Temperature—Fast Cooking Method used for Surest Nutrient Retention • Sealed Fresh in Special Bags from Germany • Direct Contact with the Formulator who is a Holistic Veterinarian • APHIS Certified Plant, this certification allows sales to the European market which has much higher standards than the US • Plant is a 3rd generation father and son operation • Always Fresh • Ingredients are ordered in small batches just prior to the cooking • Shipped straight to your door from the warehouse • Does not sit on shelves in stores until someone decides to purchase it • Food is generally warehoused only 4-6 weeks before shipped to you • Ships in just a few days • Quality Controlled and Laboratory Tested • Never Been Recalled

Dog & Cat Breeder/Kennel Program Available pawprint Compare Life’s Abundance to other brands: Dogs | Cats



The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that: “Nutrition is the most important single factor affecting health. This is true at age 1 or 101. But too often, this fact is overlooked in the development of new health programs. Nutrition is a specific factor in the prevention and control of many chronic diseases”.

Senate Document #264  |   Fed Up  |   Forks Over Knives  |  Food Inc.  | A Place at the Table


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There are 784,000 estimated deaths per year in the U.S. from properly prescribed drugs and 7.5
million estimated unnecessary procedures performed per year. —Center for Disease Control (CDC)





Drugs vs. Essential Oils


You’re Washing Your Hair
and Brushing Your Teeth
with Anti-freeze, Engine
Degreasers and Solvents

30 Ways People Poison
Themselves Before Breakfast

Essential Oil Trick Marketing




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