Essential Oil Trick Marketing


Be aware of Essential Oils that say 100% PURE on the front of the label, even with an USDA Organic Seal, then the back of the bottle label says “Must Be Diluted Before Applying To Skin”. This is an indication that there are chemicals in the essential oil.

In reality, only 5% has to be truly 100% pure essential oil to claim “100 % Pure” on the label, then the rest (95%) of the oil bottle can be of synthetic chemicals or another type of filler (within regulation).

USDA Organic Certification does permit the use of chemicals! – chemicals that are still toxic. Alcohol is considered “organic” as well as many other synthetic chemicals. So an essential oil containing alcohol (or other chemicals) can burn the skin or create a negative reaction. While USDA Organic laws say it must be 95-100% pure to carry their seal, they have a long list of synthetic chemicals that are permitted under their seal. So again, even if Certified Organic you can have a essential oil that still is only partially truly pure essential oil with partially synesthetic chemicals considered-as-organic. Organic Certification offer “minimum” standards; like the land being farmed on must be free of chemicals only three years; certain toxins can persist in the land longer than that. Certified Organic laws are getting weaker and weaker adding more and more synthetic chemicals to the list – they are still part of the “duality” help+harm system, known as the gray zone, but a lighter shade of gray!

Getting “certified” as organic is a marketing tool to make more money (faster) – bottom line! Farmers (product companies) that want to “go big” making the bigger bucks is the “real” reason they get “USDA Certified Organic” seal  – to make it look like their product is better over another to sell more product to make more money; but being “Certified Organic” does not necessarily mean it is better, in some cases organic that is NON-certified is better! In some cases the “Certified Organic” seal is  being misused as a mere scam to “get rich quick” with a eagerness to get rich quick as the “core-motive” i.e. the love of money over integrity.

What governing organizations consider “organic” and “healthy” may be “mediocrity” compared to your personal standards and expectations for high quality. You can have a product that does not carry any type of certification and yet the product is Higher Good than the certified product. Certification’s in the beginning meant “higher quality” for the good of humanity, but like with anything else, darkness has a way of moving in; what starts out pure and clean (white as snow) ends up getting dirty.

Some of these trick marketing essential oil companies will go to the extent of saying “because our essential oils are so pure and potent, they must be diluted”. Sure “some” essentials oils DO need to be diluted before applying to the skin, like oregano, because they are considered as “hot” oils meaning they will burn the skin even if “truly” 100% chemical-free due to naturally occurring elements in the plant, but only a few essential oils need to be diluted due to potential natural harmful causes.

About natural plant-based products being harmful. Sure people react to plants differently having allergic/skin reactions to some. But the so called negative effect with essential oils is not the same as the negative “toxic” side effects that come with prescription drugs. Negative side effects with drugs cause a chain-reaction to more and more negative things to happen within the body, causing more damage in the body, hence for the reason one drug leads to yet another and another and another … BUT this is not the case with Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils! Having an allergic/skin reaction to a plant i.e. essential oil is not a “toxic” nor “ongoing” negative effect. And sometimes the so called negative reaction people get from essentials oils, like breaking out in pimples, is a positive thing of the oils pushing toxins out of the body. If the “intention” is for the love of people-pets-planet to be better off, doing the best you can in removing the harmful stuff, then all is good.


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